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Publications Using SAMHSA Data

The SAMHSA bibliography is a compendium of English-language, peer-reviewed journal articles from original research that utilized SAMHSA data. The bibliography is updated quarterly through an extensive literature review. The bibliography provides insight into how SAMHSA data is actively shaping and informing the field of mental health and substance use.

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Authors: Qeadan F; Barbeau WA; Shan L; Azagba S
Publisher: Preventive Medicine
Authors: Yockey, Andrew; Vidourek, Rebecca; King, Keith
Publisher: Journal of Safety Research
Authors: McDaniel, Justin T; Albright, David L; Rados, Robert; McDermott, Robert; Goelz, Heather; Juul, Katharine
Publisher: GeoJournal
Authors: Odani, Satomi; Lin, Laura C; Nelson, Jantel R; Agaku, Israel T
Publisher: American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Authors: Yockey, Robert Andrew; King, Keith A; Vidourek, Rebecca A
Publisher: Journal of Substance Use
Authors: Bergmans, Rachel S; Jannausch, Mary; Ilgen, Mark A
Publisher: Journal of Affective Disorders
Authors: Rudisill TM; Smith GS
Publisher: Injury Prevention
Authors: Murphy, Sean M
Publisher: Drug & Alcohol Dependence
Authors: Salameh, Taghreed N; Hall, Lynne A; Crawford, Timothy N; Staten, Ruth R; Hall, Martin T
Publisher: Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology
Authors: Choi, Jeeyae; Jung, Hee-Tae; Choi, Jeungok
Publisher: Online Journal of Nursing Informatics
Authors: Montiel Ishino FA; McNab PR; Gilreath T; Salmeron B; Williams F
Publisher: BMC Public Health
Authors: Reece, Albert Stuart; Hulse, Gary Kenneth
Publisher: BMC Pediatrics
Authors: Schepis TS; Ford JA; Wilens TE; Teter CJ; McCabe SE
Publisher: The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
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