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Publications Using SAMHSA Data

The SAMHSA bibliography is a compendium of English-language, peer-reviewed journal articles from original research that utilized SAMHSA data. The bibliography is updated quarterly through an extensive literature review. The bibliography provides insight into how SAMHSA data is actively shaping and informing the field of mental health and substance use.

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Authors: Votaw VR; Van ES; Kuhlemeier A; Tuchman FR; Witkiewitz K
Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers
Authors: Fong GT; Chung-Hall J; Meng G; Craig LV; Thompson ME; Quah ACK; Cummings KM; Hyland A; O'Connor RJ; Levy DT; Delnevo CD; Ganz O; Eissenberg T; Soule EK; Schwartz R; Cohen JE; Chaiton MO
Publisher: BMJ Pub. Group
Authors: Naumann RB; Frank M; Shanahan ME; Reyes HLM; Ammerman AS; Corbie G; Austin AE
Publisher: American journal of preventive medicine
Authors: Hussain ZS; Heath MT; Ding K; Siatkowski RM
Publisher: Journal of AAPOS : the official publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Authors: Blais, Rebecca K.; Xie, Zhigang; Kirby, Anne V.; Marlow, Nicole M.
Publisher: JAMA Network Open
Authors: Nicholson HL Jr; Alawode OA; Ford JA
Publisher: Addictive behaviors
Authors: Walsh CA; Gorfinkel L; Shmulewitz D; Stohl M; Hasin DS
Publisher: JAMA psychiatry
Authors: Taylor HL; Menachemi N; Gilbert A; Chaudhary J; Blackburn J
Publisher: JAMA health forum
Authors: Dunn, Michael S.; Klump, Madison A.
Publisher: Journal of Drug Issues
Authors: Carrà G; Bartoli F; Canestro A; Capogrosso CA; Bebbington PE; Crocamo C
Publisher: Journal of psychiatric research
Authors: Wang, Silas; Shafique, Saima; Xiao, Danqing; Barker, Kendra; Wang, Kesheng; Xie, Xin
Publisher: Journal of Affective Disorders
Authors: Mintz, Carrie M.; Knox, Justin; Hartz, Sarah M.; Hasin, Deborah S.; Martins, Silvia S.; Kranzler, Henry R.; Greene, Emily; Geng, Elvin H.; Grucza, Richard A.; Bierut, Laura J.
Publisher: Alcohol: Clinical & Experimental Research
Authors: Adzrago, David; Wong, Su-Wei; Wilkerson, Johnny Michael
Publisher: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction
Authors: Yilin, Diandian; Bellerose, Meghan; Borbely, Carson; Rowell-Cunsolo, Tawandra L.
Publisher: Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse
Authors: Bailey, Allen J.; McHugh, R. Kathryn
Publisher: Addiction
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