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Publications Using SAMHSA Data

The SAMHSA bibliography is a compendium of English-language, peer-reviewed journal articles from original research that utilized SAMHSA data. The bibliography is updated quarterly through an extensive literature review. The bibliography provides insight into how SAMHSA data is actively shaping and informing the field of mental health and substance use.

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Authors: Coles, D. Crystal; Sawyer, Jason; Perkins, Nathan H.
Publisher: Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Authors: Kuerban A; Seo JY
Publisher: Journal of immigrant and minority health
Authors: Pacek LR; Sawdey MD; Nguyen KH; Cooper M; Park-Lee E; Gross AL; Donaldson EA; Cullen KA
Publisher: International journal of environmental research and public health
Authors: Azofeifa, Alejandro; Mattson, Margaret E.; Fogarty, Kieran; Lyerla, Rob
Publisher: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction
Authors: Gray, Joy; Santos-Lozada, Alexis R.; Hard, Greg; Apsley, Hannah; O'Sullivan, Deirdre; Jones, Abenaa A.
Publisher: American Journal of Health Promotion
Authors: Kitsantas, Panagiota; Gimm, Gilbert; Aljoudi, Salman M.
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Authors: Lu, Wenhua; Keyes, Katherine M.
Publisher: Psychiatry Research
Authors: Hoopsick, Rachel A.; Yockey, R. Andrew
Publisher: Journal of Psychiatric Research
Authors: Bommersbach, Tanner J.; Rosenheck, Robert A.; Rhee, Taeho Greg
Publisher: Psychological Medicine
Authors: Rhee, Taeho Greg; Rosenheck, Robert A.
Publisher: American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Authors: Archibald, Matthew E.; Head, Rachel N.; Yakoby, Jordan; Behrman, Pamela
Publisher: Research in the Sociology of Health Care
Authors: Jones G; Al-Suwaidi M; Castro-Ramirez F; McGuire TC; Mair P; Nock MK
Publisher: Frontiers in psychiatry
Authors: Kock LS; Melbostad HS; Heil SH
Publisher: Psychology of addictive behaviors : journal of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors
Authors: Lawson SC; Arif M; Hoopsick RA; Homish DL; Homish GG
Publisher: Journal of racial and ethnic health disparities
Authors: Jones G; Herrmann F; Wang E
Publisher: Addictive behaviors reports
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