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Publications Using SAMHSA Data

The SAMHSA bibliography is a compendium of English-language, peer-reviewed journal articles from original research that utilized SAMHSA data. The bibliography is updated quarterly through an extensive literature review. The bibliography provides insight into how SAMHSA data is actively shaping and informing the field of mental health and substance use.

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Authors: Aram J; Slopen N; Arria AM; Liu H; Dallal CM
Publisher: Disability and health journal
Authors: Sharma, Eva; Gautam, Prem; Jao, Nancy C; Stroud, Laura R
Publisher: Nicotine & Tobacco Research
Authors: Szlyk HS; Gutierrez ZM; Peoples J; Baiden P; Doroshenko C; Li X; Cavazos-Rehg P
Publisher: The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse
Authors: Murphy, Jennifer L.; Kim, Youngmi
Publisher: Journal of School Health
Authors: Xie Z; Tanner R; Striley CL; Sheffield SW; Marlow NM
Publisher: Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR
Authors: Danek, Robin; Blackburn, Justin; Greene, Marion; Mazurenko, Olena; Menachemi, Nir
Publisher: American Journal on Addictions
Authors: Lin, Chunqing; Pham, Huyen; Hser, Yih-Ing
Publisher: Community Mental Health Journal
Authors: Hancock, Katy
Publisher: Crime & Delinquency
Authors: Hastuti, Rina; Timming, Andrew R.
Publisher: Personnel Review
Authors: Dyar C; Morgan E; Kaysen D
Publisher: Journal of studies on alcohol and drugs
Authors: Ford JA; McCabe SE; Schepis TS
Publisher: Journal of addiction medicine
Authors: Dave, Dhaval; Liang, Yang; Pesko, Michael F.; Phillips, Serena; Sabia, Joseph J.
Publisher: Journal of Health Economics
Authors: Rubenstein, Dana; Pacek, Lauren R.; Smith, Caitlyn; McClernon, F. Joseph; Enyioha, Chineme; Vilardaga, Roger
Publisher: Drug & Alcohol Dependence
Authors: Kelly, Lourah M.; Shepherd, Benjamin F.; Brochu, Paula M.; Zajac, Kristyn
Publisher: Addictive Behaviors
Authors: Greenberg P; Chitnis A; Louie D; Suthoff E; Chen SY; Maitland J; Gagnon-Sanschagrin P; Fournier AA; Kessler RC
Publisher: Advances in therapy
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