How do I contact someone at SAMHDA for assistance?

Questions can be submitted using the Online Technical Assistance form. There are several ways to access the Online Technical Assistance form:

  • Click the Online Technical Assistance form link on the SAMHDA Home page.
  • Click the Report Problem with SAMHDA Site link in the footer.
  • Select About > Contact Us from the top tabs and click the Online Technical Assistance link.

Follow the steps below to fill out the form. The fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. Enter a Description* of the issue.
  2. Select a Category and Sub-Category.
    NOTE: The Sub-Categories changes depending on the Category selected.
  3. Enter a Comment*. Include steps to reproduce the issue, error messages, etc.
  4. Enter an Affiliation, such as a company, school, publication, etc.
  5. Enter an Email Address* to which the Help Desk should reply.
  6. Enter the Name* of the user submitting the issue.
  7. Enter a Phone Number at which the user can be reached.
    NOTE: Do not use any punctuation when entering the Phone Number.
  8. Click Submit. The user will receive a confirmation email and the Help Desk will be notified so they can follow up with the user.