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Where can I find restricted use codebooks?

The restricted use file (RUF) codebooks describe the content, structure, and layout of the data available from NSDUH. Specifically, they include variable definitions (including, in some cases, the question asked of respondents) and the available values from which they can select. These codebooks can help you select the appropriate variables when running cross-tabulations (crosstabs) in DAS. For additional information see the Introduction to Restricted-use Codebooks.

There have been changes to the questionnaire and variable definitions over the years. For those who want to make trends or pool data, it is important that the variable be comparable over the period of interest. These charts list all available variables for each dataset and for each one lists 1) whether it was available in the given year and 2) whether it was comparable to the previous year(s) definition. Note that, due to methodological changes to the entire survey, data from 2021 and later is not comparable to data from 2019 and before.

Note, due to the restrictive nature of this data, frequencies are not available for public use and are not included in the codebooks.

2021-2022: 2yr_2021_2022.pdf

2018-2019: 2yr_2018_2019.pdf

2010-2019: 10yr_2010_2019.pdf

2017-2018: 2yr_2017_2018.pdf

2015-2018: 4yr_2015_2018.pdf

2016-2017: 2yr_2016_2017.pdf

2014-2017: 4yr_2014_2017.pdf

2002-2017: 16yr_2002_2017.pdf

2015-2016: 2yr_2015_2016.pdf

2002-2016: 15yr_2002_2016.pdf

2014-2015: 2yr_2014_2015.pdf

2002-2015: 14yr_2002_2015.pdf

2012-2013: 2yr_2012_2013.pdf

2010-2013: 4yr_2010_2013.pdf

2006-2013: 8yr_2006_2013.pdf

2002-2013: 12yr_2002_2013.pdf

2010-2011: 2yr_2010_2011.pdf

2002-2011: 10yr_2002_2011.pdf

2008-2009: 2yr_2008_2009.pdf

2006-2009: 4yr_2006_2009.pdf

2002-2009: 8yr_2002_2009.pdf

2006-2007: 2yr_2006_2007.pdf

2004-2005: 2yr_2004_2005.pdf

2002-2005: 4yr_2002_2005.pdf

2002-2003: 2yr_2002_2003.pdf

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