National Youth Survey US: Wave V 1980 (NYS-1980-DS0001)

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Youth data for the fifth wave of the National Youth Survey are contained in this collection. The first wave of this survey was conducted in 1976, the second wave in 1977, the third wave in 1978, and the fourth wave in 1979. For this wave, youths in the United States were interviewed in early 1981 about events and behavior occurring in calendar year 1980. Data are available on the demographic and socioeconomic status of respondents, disruptive events in the home, neighborhood problems, youth aspirations and current successes, normlessness, labeling by parents, friends, and co-workers, perceived disapproval, attitudes toward deviance, exposure and commitment to delinquent peers, sex roles, interpersonal violence, attitudes toward sexual violence, pressure for substance abuse by peers, drug and alcohol use, and victimization.

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