Phase II: Administrator Interview (DSRS-1990-DS0002)

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Study details:
The Drug Services Research Survey (DSRS) was initiated to collect detailed information on the characteristics of drug treatment facilities and the clients discharged from those facilities in the United States. Data were collected between June and December of 1990 in two phases. In Phase I, facility-level information was gathered via telephone interviews with facility directors and drug treatment providers in a national sample of drug treatment facilities. The questionnaire included point prevalence estimates for March 30, 1990. Phase II involved site visits to a sample of Phase I facilities. This visit included an in-person interview with the facility director or administrator and the collection of client-level data from a sample of client records. Record abstractions were done for clients discharged from these facilities between September 1, 1989, and August 31, 1990. Follow-up of the clients to assess post-treatment status was conducted in the SERVICES RESEARCH OUTCOMES STUDY, 1995-1996: [UNITED STATES].